Easystay Hotel App

An app to manage all guest needs and make their stay comfortable, delightful and memorable. The idea was to figure out all the problem a budget hotel guest faces during the stay and solve them using an interface which they carry all the time, mobile.

My Role

User Experience, User Interface, Visual Design


Pen and Paper, Sketch App, Marvel (Prototype)

Target Audience

Hotel Guests

Design Process


This product was designed for chain of hotels, that is in a budget category.

The Problem

Travelling to and staying at a hotel in a known place or a new city have its own challenges like finding the right mode of transport, waisting time at reception for check-ins, room service requests, ordering food from the hotel kitchen, calling the reception, etc for help can be quite a task at times requiring unnecessary effort.

Project Goal

Design a product to provide an efficient solution to the guests for an easy commute and navigation to the hotel, simple check-in/check-out and improved room services experience to make the guest experience delightful.

The Solution

A product that can provide all the necessary options on the guest’s mobile that can help guests raise any request or seek help from hotel staff with the convenience of a few taps.

Also, design a product for the hotel staff to manage guest requests.


This product is not for booking the hotel. Once the user has booked a hotel and if the hotel provides services with this product then the user will get an SMS on the phone to download this application and use it from the check-in date.

User Story

I drafted user stories based on the interviews I conducted and the stories told to me by the users.

User Persona

This problem statement can certainly have a number of personas to cater to a few more different personalities who travel and stay in hotels. But with limited time in my hand, I decided to draft one generic persona which was quite suitable for this problem statement.

I listed down all the problems faced by guests in different buckets.
I decided to go out for field research to understand budget hotel facilities and challenges. I also spoke to the general manager of the hotel and discussed the problems I figured out from the user interviews.
These are the three key experiences which matter for the guests for the delightful experience

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