SIXT MyDriver App

July 2nd, 2018 | Case Studies | Kumar Gaurav

A mobile app to manage fleet of cars for SIXT by assigning duties to their own jockeys for pickup and drop off of the cars.

Project overview

The Problem

SIXT has a fleet of 1.5 lakh cars and they are continuously on the move. SIXT uses a fleet of jockey drivers to move the cars between various locations like different SIXT stations, Home delivery, Servicing etc. I was supposed to design an app for a jockey driver where he is assigned various tasks based on his current location.

The Solution

Design an app which will make notify the jockey’s about new tasks based on their location and their past performance. Note: Past performance is part of the system algorithm.

My Role

User Experience, User Interface, Visual Design


Pen and Paper, Whimsical (User flows), Sketch App, Marvel (Prototype)

Target Audience

Sixt Drivers(Jockey’s)

Project Goal

The goal of the app is to maximise the utilisation of the Jockey drivers.

Design Process


This method of exploring project clearly puts out the scope and lays clarity of the project.

User Flows

Detailed user flow

SIXT - User Flow

Rough sketches

Initial design explorations

SIXT - Design Sketching

Final Designs

Initial design explorations

SIXT - App Design and Flow

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