Currency Exchange App

October 11th, 2018 | Case Studies | Kumar Gaurav

An app to compare currency conversion rates amongst number of exchange providers. Helps you quickly come to a decision to choose the most appropriate exchange provider.

Design Process

Kumar Gaurav - UX/UI Design Process

The Problem

Currently, users have to browse number of website of currency exchange providers to figure out the best rates being offered by the providers and even then some of the providers are missed as users are not aware of them. This is a tedious and time taking process to find out the best rates prevailing in the market.

The Solution

Design a solution through which users can quickly compare the best currency rates by different exchange providers and the convenience options they provide.

My Role

User Experience, User Interface, Visual Design


Pen and Paper, Whimsical (User flows), Sketch App, Invision (Prototype)

Target Audience

International Travellers

Project Goal

Reduce the efforts and time taken by a user to figure out the best currency rates offered in the market for exchange.

Initial Design Brainstorming

This process is done to ideate and quickly move to most appropriate direction in design.

User Persona

Defined after user interview

User Journey

Vinay’s user journey

Note: Users also have to go through several websites and which means they also have to go through a number of website experiences. This leads to more frustration in the user eventually.

Scope of the case study


  • Buying of currency is handled in this test project.
  • Offers by the exchange providers are also shown.
  • Best exchange rates by exchange providers and the facilities they provide.

Not Handling

  • There can be a case like send money to someone in other country.
  • Filters can be added on exchange providers results page but not including in this test project.
  • Integration with exchange providers can also be done in a way that user don’t have to visit their website and make the purchase on CExchange, this will enhance their user experience a lot.

User Flow

Initial rough sketches – Ideation

Final Designs

Impact of design

Users will be able to find best rates and facilities available from multiple currency exchange providers in just a few taps, which will eventually help users save a lot of time and will be able to stay away from the frustration of searching best rates by visiting number of websites.